3 Tips to Utilize Your Time Effectively

It is a true saying that “time is money”. But as a student, I never got to understand the actual meaning of this proverb, a decade ago.

Now that I look into it, time is indeed one of those intangible entities that has great value. All the activities and routine work are controlled by time and if one gets to utilize time with efficiency, life becomes easier and efficient in living.

Following are the 3 most important tips that can help any individual make use of their time in an effective manner:


Always plan your tasks by listing all the tasks that needs to be done. This step helps in organizing the activities so that you are well aware of all the work that has to be done.


Make sure that all the work that has been planned out is executed with keeping in mind about the priorities. This will help you do things that are most urgent to the least one. If you are a person who wants to do all of their work with perfection, this step can help you identify the tasks that hold most or least importance. In turn, you save up time for yourself.


Make this a regular habit to plan and prioritize in day to day activities so that everyday you save up time and process the saved up time to help you in personal development. This routine will make you a motivated person who will be looking forward towards bigger goals and not get trapped in the rat race for survival.